CZY-G Primary Adhesive Tester

  1. General Details

    ♦ Professional Technology Based on the rolling ball method and test the instant adhesive

    ♦ property of specimens Testing steel balls are designed strictly according to national

    ♦ standards, which ensure the accuracy of test data Angle of inclination could be adjusted freely to meet customer test

  2. Principle & Standards

    The instrument is designed based on the balling method, and the primary adhesive property of adhesive tapes could be obtained by observing adhesive effect occurred immediately after rolling ball and adhesive specimen come into contact.

    GB/T 4852、YY/T0148、JIS Z0237

  3. Applications Specifications
    Basic Applications                                                       Adhesives
    Including various adhesives, e.g. pressure-sensitive tapes, medical patches, adhesive labels and protection films.
  4. Technical Specifications
    Specifications CZY-G
    Angle Range 0 ~ 60°
    Panel Width 120 mm
    Testable Area Width 80 mm
    Standard Steel Ball 1/29 inch ~ 1 inch
    Instrument Dimension 140 (B) x 32 0mm (L) x 180(H)
    Net Weight 13kg

    Standard Configurations
    Mainframe, One box stell ball

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