MED-02 Medical Packaging Tester

MED-02 Medical Packaging Tester is professionally applicable to the determination of force properties of various medical packaging materials, with high precision ( 0.5% of full scale) and multiple test ranges. The instrument is designed with 16 independent test modes and bidirectional test mode of stretching and compression, which can meet various test requirements.

  1. General Details

    ♦ 16 independent test modes are available, including compression force, tensile strength, and peel strength of medical appliances and foams

    ♦Professional pressure sensor monitors the internal pressure change during the test of force properties

    ♦The system supports bidirectional test mode of stretching and compression, and 6 test speed can be freely selected based on user requirements

    ♦Intelligent designs of over-travel protection, overload protection, and automatic position reset for safe test operation



  2. Principle & Standards


    he pre-conditioned specimen is mounted between two grips, which move in relative direction during the test. The changes of force and displacement are separately recorded by the load cell fixed on the driven up  and embedded displacement transducer. The relative parameters of force properties can be obtained by further calculation.。


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  3. Applications Specifications
    Basic Applications Tensile Test Puncture Test of Rubber Closures
    Test of Tensile Strength and Elongation Rate Break Test of Ampoule Bottles
    Test of Tensile Strength at Break Sliding Resistance Test of Hypodermic Syringe
    Tear Resistance Test Seal Performance Test of Hypodermic Syringe
    Heatseal Strength Test Puncture Test of Hypodermic Needle
    90 Degree Peel Test Fastness Performance Test of Hypodermic Needle and Needle Hub
    180 Degree Peel Test Fastness Performance Test of Hypodermic Needle Cap and Needle Hub
    Compression Test of Plastic Blood Bags
    Extended Applications (Additional Accessories Required) Seal Performance Test of Hemostix Pullout Force Test of Rubber Closures
    Opening Force Test of Jelly Cups and Yogurt Cups Unwinding Force Test of Adhesive Tapes
    Tear Test Using Trouser Method Peel Test of Protection Films
    Peel Test of Release Paper Opening Resistance Test of Combined Covers
    90 Degree Peel Test of Adhesive Tapes Puncture Test of Plastic Films
    Tensile Stress Test of Ropes at Break 90 Degree Peel Test of Magnetic Cards
    Pullout Test of Cosmetic Brush Hair Pullout Test of Toothbrush Hair
    23 Degree Pullout Test of Bottle Caps Opening Force Test of Oral Liquid Caps
    Tear Resistance Test of Adhesive Binding Books Peel Test Using Floating Rollers
    Compression and Deformation Test of Foams
  4. Technical Specifications
    Specifications                                         MED-02
    Load Cell Capacity                                                50 0N (standard)
                                                   50 N, 100 N,  (optional)
    Accuracy                                                0.5% FS
    Test Speed 10-500mm/min
    Stroke 600 mm
    Instrument Dimension 450 mm (L) x 450 mm (W) x 910 mm (H)
    Power Supply AC 220V 50Hz
    Net Weight 60 kg
  5. Documents
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