Backplane of Solar Cell

W/061 Water Vaper Permeability Tester

This instrument is based on the cup method, which is professionally applicable to the water vapor transmission rate test of thin film specimens. Through the determination of water vapor transmittance to control and adjust the technical index of material, meet the different needs of application.

GPT-301 Gas Permeability Tester

GPT-301 is based on the differential pressure method, and is professionally applicable to the determination of gas transmission rate as well as solubility coefficient, diffusion coefficient and permeability coefficient of plastic films, composite films, high barrier materials, sheeting and aluminum foils.

XLW-L Auto Tensile Tester

XLW (L) Auto tensile Tester is professionally applicable to the determination of force properties of various flexible packaging materials, with high precision (0.5% of full scale) and multiple test ranges.

CHY-CA Thickness Tester

CHY-CA Thickness Tester is designed based on the mechanical contacting method, which effectively ensures standard and accurate test data and applicable to thickness test of plastic films, sheets, diaphragms, paper, foils, silicon wafers and other materials within specified range.

RSY-R2 Film Free Shrink Tester

This instrument is professionally applicable to the determination of heat shrinking performance and dimensional stability of various films, heatshrinkable tubes, hard PVC films for tablets, and back-sheets in the fluid medium at different temperatures.

Packaging Testing Equipment